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Our staff

Our Staff

At Seven Hills High School, our staff are highly skilled educators striving to make each school year a unique learning experience. Their vision is for every child to explore their true capability, enjoy learning and experience individual success whilst maintaining the highest standards when it comes to your child’s wellbeing. We encourage all our students to set meaningful goals, devise pathways for success, meet challenges and strive to better their performance.


Principal - Mr Matthew Saville 

The Principal has overall responsibility for the education provided at our school. Amongst many other duties, the Principal provides leadership on the implementation of curriculum, assessment and wellbeing initiatives through collaborative planning, monitoring and review. The Principal is an important link between our school, parents and the wider community.


Deputy Principals - Mr Matthew MacLaren, Ms Ana Macan and Mr Andrew Kerr

The Deputy Principals have responsibility for student welfare and discipline, curriculum, staff development and many other administration duties so that the school meets the needs of its students, parents and staff as well as Departmental requirements.


Faculty Head Teachers

Apart from their responsibilities as classroom teachers, Faculty Head Teachers coordinate the learning activities and directions within their faculties. Teachers may refer students to the Head Teacher of that subject if there is a problem with behaviour or progress. Head Teachers will also contact parents if the need arises. 

ENGLISH / HSIE: Ms Teresa Rodd

SCIENCE / CAPA: Mr Daniel Way

MATHEMATICS / LOTE: Mrs Joanne Andrew

PDHPE: Mrs Vivien Thurlow

TAS: Ms Alicia Tunks 

SUPPORT: Mr Quoc Nguyen (Acting)


Head Teacher Wellbeing - Ms Carissa Howell

The Head Teacher Wellbeing supports and guides students in non-academic matters on an individual and whole school basis. They liaise with other support staff and agencies both within and outside the school in dealing with any matters that may hinder our students achieving their potential.


Classroom Teachers

These are the people with whom students will have most contact. Teachers are highly trained professionals who are dedicated to the welfare of their students and to providing the best education possible. The Classroom Teacher is the first person to see if there are problems in a subject.


Year Advisers

Year Advisers play a leading role in building and sustaining the school’s continually evolving culture of wellbeing, so that every child is known, valued and cared for. Their role is to support and guide students and to respond to their needs. The Year Advisers represent their student groups in the Wellbeing Team and liaise with other staff when appropriate. Year Advisers are also Classroom Teachers.

If students and/or parents have any wellbeing concerns about school, they are encouraged to contact the appropriate Year Adviser. If other people need to be involved with a particular issue, the Year Adviser can make suitable arrangements.

Year 7: Mr Brayden Rohr

Year 8: Ms Jessica Cappadona

Year 9:  Ms Tasvindar Kaur

Year 10: Mr Andrew Griffiths

Year 11 & 12: Mr Ben Gray


Counsellors - Ms Adele McLennan & Ms Whitney Moe

The Counsellor’s role is to assist, in a confidential manner, those students who may be having difficulty at school with their work or their relationships. Students can arrange to see the Counsellor, or have the Year Adviser or the Head Teacher Wellbeing make a referral for them. The Counsellor also works with parents, teachers and groups outside of school.


Careers/Transition Adviser - Mrs Tonnie Slater

Seven Hills High School has a full-time Careers/Transition Adviser to help students decide their future directions and to make them aware of realistic options. The Careers/Transition Adviser works with students individually and in larger groups at school and through various ‘outside’ agencies.  


Student Representative Council - Ms Cathy Costello

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a group of students elected by their peers who advocate for the student body in school decision-making. The SRC also collaborates with a variety of groups/teams in the school by participating in and/or running activities which benefit the wider community. 


Learning and Support Teacher - Ms Joanna Jordan

The role of the LaST is to support teachers in catering for the individualised needs of students. This may be done through withdrawal lessons, small group tasks, differentiated units of work and / or specialised programming within the classroom. Identification of students with specific needs is based on information from their primary school, Student Adviser referrals, data records, testing (e.g. NAPLAN), parent requests, and/or referrals from Classroom Teachers.


School Administrative & Support Staff

This team carries out a range of essential tasks – reception and switchboard duties, printing, processing of enrolments, arranging student transport, financial management, collecting money for excursions and contributions, data and word processing, library administration, Science preparatory work and clinic administration to name a few. Our staff is knowledgeable, efficient and friendly – they are happy to offer their assistance in many matters.


External Support Staff

We are fortunate to be supported at District level by the HSLO (Home School Liaison Officer) who works with individual students and their families regarding attendance matters.


Our Staff



Mr Matthew Saville


Deputy Principals

Mr Matthew MacLaren 

Ms Ana Macan

Ms Joanne Andrew (Relieving Collegiate DP)

Mr Andrew Kerr 


Head Teacher Wellbeing

Ms Carissa Howell


English/HSIE Faculty

Ms Teresa Rodd (Head Teacher)

Ms Jessica Cappadona (Year 8 Adviser)

Ms Jennifer Farrugia 

Mr Michael Jones 

Ms Nitika Soni 

Mr Vincent Zhang

Ms Sara Oskay

Ms Ceinlys Johns


Mathematics/Languages Faculty

Mrs Joanne Andrew (Head Teacher)

Ms Mary Nelapati

Mr Eugene Quah

Ms Neeti Gupta


Mr Mark Harper



Mrs Vivien Thurlow (Head Teacher)

Ms Corinne Dutt 

Ms Alicia Frew 

Mr Andrew Griffiths (Year 10 Adviser)

Mr Brayden Rohr (Year 7 Adviser)



Ms Alicia Tunks (Head Teacher)

Ms Rebecca Sharma

Mr Andrew Uden

Mr Vijendra Kumar


Science Faculty

Mr Daniel Way (Head Teacher)

Ms Tasvinder Kaur (Year 9 Adviser)

Mr Raj Singh

Ms Sharon Bentwitch

Mr Patrick May

Ms Danielle Thurman (Lab Assistant)


Creative and Performing Arts Faculty

Mr Daniel Way (Head Teacher)

Mr Ben Gray (Years 11 and 12 Adviser)

Ms Penny Matchett (Head Teacher Secondary Studies)

Ms Alexandra Thornton


Support Faculty

Mr Quoc Nguyen (Head Teacher)

Mr Mohammed Hussain

Mr Athar Khan

Ms Narvinder Kaur 

Mr Nicholas Eynaud

Ms Michelle Brakell (SLSO)

Ms Suzie Hynd (SLSO) 

Ms Amy Wilson (SLSO) 


Learning and Support Team

Ms Joanna Jordan (LST)

Mr Anthony Bobadilla (SLSO)

Ms Michelle Brown (SLSO)

Ms Taya Foulagi (SLSO) 

Ms Bianca Lebnan (SLSO) 

Ms Jessica Moseley (SLSO) 

Ms Eman Richards (SLSO)

Mr Harrison Kirk (SLSO)


Careers/Transition Adviser

Ms Tonnie Slater



Ms Cathy Costello


School Counsellors

Ms Adele McLennan

Ms Whitney Moe


Youth Workers

Mr Tim Gleeson 


Community Liaison Officers

Ms Bianca Lebnan

Ms Danielle Sara


Administration Staff

Ms Deborah Rolls (SAM)

Ms Fiona Connaughton

Ms Jess Cooper

Ms Tahlia Cozzupoli

Ms Tracey Kirk 

Ms Vesna Tam

Mr Matt Kirk (GA)

Mr Ethan Dodge (GA)

Ms Lynne Vickery (SAM VET)