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Our school can help with enrolment queries throughout the year.

Local enrolment area

Check your address on School Finder to see if it is within our local intake area. Most schools have designated local enrolment areas. Note: local enrolment areas are subject to change.

How to enrol

If you live in our intake area and would like to apply to enrol at our school, start by submitting an online enrolment application. Online enrolment is currently only available for Australian or New Zealand citizens and permanent residents.

If you are not able to apply online or you prefer not to, download the paper application to enrol (PDF 768.4KB) form. Please complete the form in English. A translated application to enrol may help you do this.

Online enrolment can also be used for out-of-area enrolment. Please note that out-of-area enrolment procedures are subject to the department’s enrolment policy.

Enrolment applications are finalised at the school.

For more information, visit secondary school enrolment.

For more information, visit:

How to enrol - Year 6 into Year 7

In NSW government schools, applying to move from primary school to high school is a 2-step process that starts with an Expression of Interest. Visit the moving to high school page to learn more about the process.

  • If you have received an offer from our school for placement into Year 7 next year, the next step is to visit online enrolment to proceed with the offer and complete the enrolment application.
  • If you did not submit an expression of interest or are not eligible, visit online enrolment to start a new application to our school.
  • If you submitted your expression of interest using a paper form, or would prefer not to enrol online, use the application to enrol (PDF 768.4KB) form.

Moving to high school

Visit the moving to high school page to find out more about the transition of year 6 students into year 7.

Temporary visas and international students

The Temporary Residents Program has information about eligibility and the forms to complete an application.

Distance education

Distance education is an equity program for students who are geographically isolated or whose individual circumstances prevent them from regularly attending school. Students must meet one of the conditions in the Distance Education Enrolment Procedures to be eligible to access this program as a full-time student.

For more information about educational opportunities in rural areas, visit Rural and distance education.

Non-local enrolments

As outlined in the department’s enrolment policy, our school may accept enrolments from outside our local enrolment area if places are available.

Non-local applicants can apply by filling out a Non-local applicants form and returning it to the school office.

Moving overseas

Moving overseas and need school reports authenticated for DFAT? 

Email to arrange to bring original documents to 105 Phillip Street, Parramatta 2150.

Self Select Program

At Seven Hills High School, we are dedicated to turning potential into performance in all areas of a student’s life. We recognise that some students are independent learners who are able to explore the curriculum in a self-directed and meaningful way.

The Self-Select Program uses innovative teaching models, flexible learning options and creative problem solving techniques that encourage students to challenge themselves to achieve their personal best. By taking ownership of their education, students engage actively in the experiences provided so that they not only set, but also achieve, higher standards throughout their learning journey.

Criteria for admission to the Self-Select program relate to student motivation, enthusiasm for learning, an ability to work both independently and cooperatively, as well as a history of mature and responsible classroom behaviour.

Students wishing to undertake the Self-Select Program will need to commit to:

  • Completing enrichment activities
  • Participating in negotiated extra-curricular activities
  • Completing homework; and
  • Displaying appropriate classroom behaviour

Enrichment Program

One period per week is dedicated to an enrichment program. It is designed to extend and challenge students through processes associated with Key Learning Areas within the curriculum.

The enrichment program will allow students to develop their research skills, evaluate various forms of media, extend their repertoire of problem solving strategies and develop creative solutions to these problems.

Enrichment activities may include:

  • Excursions and guest speakers: These events will provide the students with exposure to ideas, processes and techniques beyond the usual range. The opportunity to see and question experts working in their field provides motivation and encourages curiosity and questioning. This in turn may be the basis of further research, independent study and extension activities.
  • Hands-on experiences/projects: Students will be taught to use sophisticated materials and equipment to undertake research independently.
  • Training in the use of multi-media technologies: This will enable students to develop independence and responsibility when undertaking research as well as build on their presentation and public speaking skills.

Students wishing to gain a place in the Self-Select class need to complete the Self Nomination Form below.

Information in this form is one part of the nomination process. The individual’s application will be considered alongside the Student Profile form which is provided by the student’s Year 6 classroom teacher.

To apply, please compete the form:

For further information, please phone the school office: 02 9624 3329.