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About our school

About our School


Seven Hills High School is a progressive and inclusive school catering for Years 7 to 12. 

We actively promote a set of values that we believe underpin a student’s learning journey. This is encapsulated as the ‘ROAD to Success’, with ROAD standing for:

- Respect – Respect yourself, others and your environment

- Organisation – Be organised and prepared to learn

- Application – Be positive in your application to school activities

- Determination – Be determined to achieve in all you do

A student’s success at our school will be determined, in no small way, by their positivity and readiness to meet their responsibilities and the expectations of our school community, and by the level to which they take up the opportunities our school offers. 

Students will be immersed in experiences that develop the skills, knowledge and understandings they need to be successful whilst at school and beyond. In addition to specific curriculum knowledge, students will develop capabilities such as problem solving, teamwork and self – management. These are transferable skills required through all stages of life. All subjects undertaken from Years 7 to 12 develop vital curriculum knowledge and capabilities. This makes every subject important and every academic year significant.

Learning within the classroom will be supported by a range of extra-curricular activities. No matter a student’s interests – be it debating, music, art, technology, student leadership, competitive sport, drama, and dance – there will be something for everyone.

Whether students are interested in completing a TAFE (TVET) qualification in Years 9 and 10, completing a TVET qualification whilst studying the HSC (in an ATAR or Non-ATAR pathway) or completing the HSC whilst studying non-TAFE courses, the curriculum offerings available at Seven Hills High School and the wider Nirimba Collegiate will provide them with a variety of career and educational pathways. This choice is supported by the Nirimba Collegiate structure through which Seven Hills High School students, at the end of Year 10, have three options available for future study:

- continue into Senior study at Seven Hills High School;

- attend Wyndham College for Years 11 & 12;

- complete a combination of courses at two campuses (timetable dependent).

Seven Hills High School has been chosen as one of two high schools in New South Wales to house specialist vocational education and training (VET) facilities. The Vocational Innovation Centre  will deliver hands-on, relevant and in-demand skills to high school students as part of their curriculum. The courses include but will not be limited to: Individual Support (Ageing), Electrotechnology, Drainage (pre-plumbing), Supply Chain Operations, Business Services and Financial Services.

Our school works closely with our parents and guardians to deliver programs that meet the needs of students. We strive to be an environment where learning is tailored, valued and extended so that our graduates contribute positively to the community at large. 


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